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Wyatt 'Wolfgang' BottorffEdit

Starting loadout:Edit

Loadout 1


Wyatt sat the scope down as he jotted notes. It was snowing quite a bit. He sliped the pad into his jacket as he told Seth, "Were going to do a hit on the small town down there." It was just under a mile a way. "Is it clear to move?" "All is well." Seth replied as more and more snow piled up on his winter white parka. Wyatt slid down the 50 ft. slope first, as Seth followed close behind. Both serched for targets, although, if there were any, they refused to show. The dry streambed was only filled with snow, but come springtime it would be flowing with run-off from the mealting snow. They made their way to a frozen over stream, it was full of tiny holes that made a soothing sound. The guys had to jump, as if in a obstical course to stay away from the holes. Dolten