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Wyatt 'Wolfgang' BottorffEdit

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Loadout 1

Seth KnuppEdit

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Sgt.Panolov Vindinski

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Loadout 1


"Hey. You see that Wyatt? Looks like a zombie to me." Doctor Ivan whispered. "Yeah, I do." Wyatt responded. The squad was on the edge of the lake. "Professor! get your ass up and out of the lake!" Dr. Ivan ordered. "Alright, I'm coming." The team moved into old old, busted up New Orleans cafe, evading zombies. "Y'all want to pick 'em off?" Jordan asked. "Let's." Cpt.Z

"Here goes." Wyatt stated. Sudenly seemingly dozens of zombies started dropping. "Hahaaaa, I got a bolt-action and I'm takin um out faster than you!" Wyatt bragged. ""Time to reload smart ass." Good comeback by Ivan. But the horde was closing in on the rest of the team. Dolten

"Hey guys let me take over!" Panolov said. "Die Zombies Die!!!!!!!" "I am owning them. This is why Machine guns are so good at killing zombies. Well that was fun lets keep on moving." Insane281

"Yo? Seth, we clear to move in for clean-up?" Wyatt asked politely. Dolten

Seth scanned the area. "Yeah, looks like we are. Stay on your toes, though. Who knows what's waiting for us." Sactage

"Ivan, were moving out." He follows, as Wyatt pulls out his SCAR. "I'll take rear gaurd." Dolten

"I'm taking the right flank." Insane281

"I'll take point." Sactage

The team headed off to the New Orleans cafe, to re-group with the Professor. They were not 30 feet away from the cafe; when the rest of the crew darted out shooting behind them. Wolfgang switched to his M014 quickly, and got 4 shoots off before the zombies were down. "It's time to move guys. Theres sure to be more in the area!" Dolten

Man I love killing zombies.Insane281

Chapter 1-Road TripEdit

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