--- Die Zombies Die !!!!! --Panolov [Yellowstone] [Made by Insane281]

Sgt.Panolov Vindinski is a Russian Sargent who at age 24 left the Russian military and came to America.He soon got married at age 25 but was devorced at age 34.He now lives alone somewhere near Yellowstone Colorado.He owns many different fire arms.This character was inspired by Nikolai Belinski from Call of Duty World at War.

Loadout 1

Modifyied HK 416 with 200 round box magazine,with ACOG site,Bipod and woodland camo

2 Colt M1911s Nickel plated and suppressed


Loadout 2

M24 suppressed

AK74 Sub Machine Gun


Loadout 3

AK47 Red Dot Sight

PP2000 sub-machine gun red dot sight


Sgt.Panolov Vindinski appears in Story 1 and Story 2 .