"Anyone who dares for a fight shall fall in the hands of death..." - Alex

Alex "Psycho" Vulcan is one of the main survivors of the Infection Apocalypse and (mainly) the only surivivor who has a habbit of using melee weapons, depending on his personal choices on what melee weapon to choose from.


(Alex "Psycho" Vulcan is created by User: Alex Lioce)

Alex Vulcan was a horror fanatic and particularly, was a fan of horror films from the 80's. He loved first-person shooters where he had his knowledge and skills from the games he played. When the start of the Infection Apocalypse happened, Alex was 32 years old and lived with his best friend, Darrek in Miami, Florida. He and Darrek escaped from Miami using a local hijacked car and escaped from the once known ruining city. They traveled to Toronto, Ontario to barricade themselves in a secret underground military complex known as F.M.C.P and stayed there until the Infection clears up for those Infection who try to find a way through the Military underground complex.


  • Full name: Alexander Vulcan
  • Age: 33 (Recently)
  • Birth date: July 5th, 1980
  • Type of combat class: Sniper
    • Scout
    • Assassin
    • Spy
  • Hometown: Niagara Falls, Ontario
  • Current Location: Toronto, Ontario (Formerly from Miami, Florida)
  • Signature Weapons: Snipers, Magnums, Melee


  • Headwear: Jason Voorhees hockey mask
  • Chestwear: Black Hoodie
    • Chainmail
    • Metal Shoulder pads
  • Legwear: Black Camoflauge pants
    • Metal Leg pads
  • Footwear: Black combat boots

Alex's weaponsEdit

Loadout 1Edit

  • Main Weapon: L96 Sniper Rifle
    • Mounted Flashlight
      Render Machete

      Alex's machete as shown here

    • Laser Scope
    • Silencer
    • Bayonet
  • Sidearms: 2x Desert Eagle Magnums
    • Mounted Flashlight
    • Silencer
  • Melee: Machete

Loadout 2Edit

  • Main Weapon: Hunting Rifle
    • Mounted Flashlight
    • Silencer
  • Sidearms: P220 Pistol
    • Mounted Flashlight
    • Silencer
    • Laser Scope
  • Melee: Fire Axe

Loadout 3Edit

  • Main Weapon: M24 Sniper Rifle
    • Mounted Flashlight
    • Silencer
    • Laser Scope
  • Sidearms: Glock
    • Mounted Flashlight
    • Silencer
    • Laser Scope
  • Melee: 2x Buck Knives