"Take this!!!!!" --Alex, giving his friend a gun.


(AT was created by Bumblebeeprime09)

Alex joined the AU army to get his very boring life going. He was put on a few spec ops missions, before he joined task force 142. he conducted many missions before it was disbanded. The disbandment happened a day before a zombie was released into his apartment building. Soon after, a bustling unnamed city on the east coast became a ghost town when a horde of zombies were mysteriously transported there.

AT's weaponryEdit

Loadout 1Edit

  • UMP45
    • Holographic sight
    • Mounted flashlight
    • Silencer
  • USP .45
    • Laser Targeter
    • Silencer

Loadout 2Edit

  • MP5SD3
    • Holographic sight
    • Mounted Flashlight
    • Built-in Grip
  • Nambu Pistol